Schedule for Feb. 2nd - Feb. 15th
Feb. 19th - March 4th


Our Valentines Day Tour! Southern India in the planning stage!

We will be making a point to visit parts of the "Romantic India." If heart is what you like... Find it yet again on this special trip. We will be visiting unique spots that inspire that love within.

TAJ MAHAL   Learn about the timeless love that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan felt while he built this tomb in memory of his favorite third wife Mumtaz Mahal who died giving birth to their 14th child. They are entombed next to each other for all of eternity. WoW. That's devotion. OK Ula, I'll see what I can do.

TAJ LAKE PALACE   The white marble palace and retreat set on an island in the turquois waters of Lake Pichola. We will be treated like Maharajas from a time long past. What a great place to feel that peace within.

SHREYAS RETREAT   Offers classes in hatha and ashtanga yoga. 20 acres of organic gardens will supply delicious vegetarian meals. A very healthy place to rest and relax. Cool off in the swimming pool after a long day of site seeing.

In addition to these heartfelt locations...

You will be picked up at the New Delhi Airport and glide right through the hussle and bussle after your long trip into our new clean air conditioned vans. Trust me you will appreciate it. No reason to be exhausted. We are here to have fun. We'll spend a few days checking out this ancient city, both Old and New Delhi. Settle into the sites and sounds that are all around you. Rest up in a nice hotel. Relax with Great Indian Food and a real cup of Chai! 

Next off to Agra for a few days to see the Taj Mahal. A special, "Backroom Tour" will be arranged. Learn how it was built by seeing descendants of the original craftsmen from the 16th century, still carving inlaid marble objects in shops near by. Yes, you can buy these works of art. They are beautiful.

Then off to Jaipur with it's amazing Palaces and incredible Arts & Crafts. It's the jewelry capital of the world! What an amazing beautiful place. It's called "The Pink City" for a reason!

We'll head off to Varanasi along the Ganges. Where last rites are practiced daily along the banks of the river. This spiritual city will inspire and remind one of this temporary, beautiful gift of life. Gurus and Holy men will be there and can provide blessings next to this Holy River.

Then we will end the trip with a Valentines Day Party... Indian Style! Maybe along the ocean in Baga Beach an hour outside of Mumbai.

This is just an example of what we will be doing. Trust me there is so much to see, do and take in. Two weeks??? OK, come for four! 

Things will change and evolve according to the groups needs, wants and choices! We love working with you to make this a personal tour and to be open to the Magic that is India. You never know what's around the next corner. What a relief it is to let go of this western mind and let God into our hearts! Be in the moment. Be in your heart. Be in India.

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